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Where the Big Money Will Be Made in 2021: Part II

How These New Biotech Breakthroughs Could Hand You $10-for-$1 Returns in Three to Five Years

Thank you for registering for my Pre-Election Stock Profit Summit, Surprise Winner of the Presidential Election.  

I created this event for one simple reason: Because the outcome of this year’s election will affect your savings, your investments, and your retirement for years to come.

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To give you a head start, I produced this FREE three-part investing series: Where the Big Money Will Be Made in 2021.

  • In Part I, I’ll give you a panoramic view of the trends now unfolding, including how to profit from convergent technologies. Read more about it here.
  • In Part II, we’ll take an inside look at the biotech sector, along with a number of breakthroughs that will richly reward early investors.
  • In Part III, I’ll give you a sneak preview of my 8 pre-election trades, all of which could be the biggest profit takers of these tech and biotech breakthroughs no matter who wins on November 3rd.

You’ll find it’s the perfect introduction to my Pre-Election Stock Profit Summit. That way, you’ll be able to hit the ground running and become 50% richer by Inauguration Day.

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All you have to do is tune in to this event and you’ll get all the details.

In the meantime, here’s Part II of Where the Big Money Will Be Made in 2021, where we’ll take an inside look at the biotech sector, along with a number of breakthroughs that will richly reward early investors — no matter who wins the election.

As you’re about to discover, the profit trends in the biotech sector are just as transformative as the internet, wireless technologies, and social networking, which have transformed how the world communicates and conducts business.

The result will let us all live longer, healthier lives free of chronic illness and disease, and it also presents profit opportunities that rival the big money that has been made in tech stocks.

All this is thanks to the $2.7 billion human genome project that was completed in 2003. That one bold move, made 17 years ago, has made it possible for doctors not only to predict diseases, but also to treat them with drugs targeted directly at a person’s DNA.

As you’ll learn during my Pre-Election Stock Profit Summit, two powerful forces within this sector are creating huge profit opportunities for early investors like us.

Ironically, the two forces driving the boom are the same two that drove the tech sector to great heights:

  1. The speed of technological progress, and…
  2. The industrialization and automation of the biotech industry.

By speed, I mean that it took 13 years to map the first genome at a cost of $1 billion — and yet today, you can sequence a person’s DNA for less than $1,000.

By industrialization, I mean the cost reduction that comes as these biotech discoveries become ubiquitous. This industrialization can best be seen in how the cost of a personal computer has fallen from an inflation-adjusted price of $4,400 to less than $1,000.

In other words, it’s Moore’s Law all over again.

But instead of the number of transistors on a microchip doubling every two years, as the cost of computers is cut in half, the number of personalized DNA-based medicines will increase as well, as the cost of DNA sequencing continues to fall.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to DNA-targeted treatments. As a result of DNA-mapping, scientists now have the power to edit a person’s DNA to cut out the destructive cells and replace them with healthy ones.

When you consider that heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, and obesity are somewhat inherited diseases, you’re looking at a game changer on a scale that matches the invention of the wheel or how early man learned to make fire.  

That’s a big claim, I know, but we’re talking about editing human DNA to save lives.  

And it’s not science fiction, either. This is saving lives right now!

In 2017, for example, The Washington Post reported, “Scientists have successfully edited the DNA of human embryos to erase a heritable heart condition that is known for causing sudden death in young competitive athletes.”

Thanks to a DNA therapy for blindness, newly approved by the FDA, “America’s Got Talent” contestant Christian Guardino, who spent 12 years of his life in darkness, regained his sight.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, New Scientist magazine reports that “DNA-edited immune cells have been injected into three people with advanced cancer without any serious side effects, the first trial of its kind in the U.S.”

All of which is leading to new disease insights, breakthrough products, and investor profits for those who stake out a position now. 

I’m not the only one who sees a huge breakout ahead for the biotech sector. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Peter Thiel are among dozens of big-money investors who are investing heavily in this DNA technology.

It’s all because they see what we do — a breakthrough so large that it could erase the worst hereditary diseases from the planet.

Nobel Prize-winning scientist David Baltimore says it best: “We are close to being able to alter human heredity. The result will usher in a new era in human history.”

Here at IPO Edge, we put the entire biotech sector under the microscope. Most of what we saw, we didn’t like the technology or we felt they were too expensive, which is why only three made our buy list.

  1. The first has developed personalized cancer cures that can even target rare tumor types without bankrupting the patient. As you’ll see in my 2021 Investing Almanac, the company is up 93% over the past 12 months, and has one of the strongest buy ratings on Wall Street.
  2. The second is pioneering a unique approach to the body’s systems, treating metabolic disorders without conventional drugs all by using a chemistry-driven approach to treat disease and improve human health on the molecular level.
  3. The third has developed a full-spectrum genetic editing platform that can eliminate hereditary disease in people, pets, livestock, and even crops. The company reminds me a lot of CRISPR Therapeutics, whose stock price has risen over 500% in five years — only with a smaller $300 million market cap (compared to $6 billion) and with much larger applications and profit opportunities.

During my Pre-Election Stock Profit Summit on Thursday, October 22nd, I will go into greater detail, including how each stock could make you 50% richer in the run-up to Inauguration Day, and deliver $10-for-$1 profits when held long-term — no matter who wins the White House come November 3rd. 

I will also explain how my IPO Edge system is able to spot these kinds of explosive opportunities years before they hand you Uber-type gains. 

Here’s What You’ll Like Most About IPO Edge

We get you in early, before these companies make front-page news.

I’ve made it so simple, anyone can profit from them. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never invested in a pre-IPO, a “stealth” IPO, or a stock fresh off its formal market debut before, or if you just have a few hundred dollars to invest.

If you’re willing to spend 10 minutes a week looking at my research and following my simple buy instructions… you, too, could see every $1,000 you invest mushroom into $10,000, $100,000, or more, just as Uber, Pinterest, and Beyond Meat have rewarded their investors with 10,488%, 5,053% and 14,593% profits. 

I’m so convinced these pre-election trades could make you 50% richer by Inauguration Day, I’m going to give every new member $1,500 toward their first IPO investment.

Again, all you have to do is tune in to this free event, and you’ll get all the details along with an inside look at our 8 pre-election trades. 

In the meantime, please feel free to email me your questions at ElectionProfitSummit@HilaryKramer.com.

I’ll be answering questions during our broadcast on Thursday, October 22nd, at 2PM Eastern, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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