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Where the Big Money Will Be Made in 2021: Part III

Why Wall Street’s Smallest Stocks Will Deliver the Biggest Profits in 2021

2021 will be a great year for our IPO stocks. The reason is simple:

The outlook for companies looking to go public is getting better day by day — especially as life returns to normal.

Fact is, investors are hungry for strong biotech, pharmaceutical, and technology companies looking to reach the broader U.S. public market.

It’s not just me saying this.

Nell Scott, partner in the global M&A firm Orrick, Herrington, and Sutcliffe, says the same thing, telling her IPO clients, “Now is the perfect time to plan your IPO in 2021.”

Ironically, they are looking at the same ones we are:

 “High-growth pre-revenue, clinical-phase and revenue-generating biotech and pharmaceutical companies with strong drug or product pipelines and technology companies with compelling business plans are in hot demand, as investors seek investments with strong growth potential.”

Lise Buyer, founder of the Class V Group, an IPO consulting firm, echoes Nell’s sentiment in an article she wrote for Barron’s.

“People targeting IPOs in 2021 have the gears turning. The market is telling you things are going to get better.”

You can begin to feel the momentum building.

The Renaissance IPO Index is up a whopping 58% compared to the S&P’s 4.3%.

It’s no wonder. The easing of lockdowns has not only returned society to a semblance of normality, but is being reflected in the financial markets as well, with the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ back close to historically high levels.

As a result, IPO activity picked up in late May and June, coming off a 30% collapse between mid-February and late March.

Given the backlog of IPOs in the pipeline from earlier in 2020, the outlook for 2021 looks good — with more than 100 companies on schedule to go public, which is why my palms itch in anticipation of the profits we’ll make…

Especially since all of our plays are high-growth, pre-revenue technology and biotechnology companies with superior technologies, compelling business plans, or strong drug or product pipelines.

As you’ll learn during our Pre-Election Stock Profit Summit, we are looking at not only pre-IPO companies, but also post-IPO opportunities like Tesla… all of which are positioned to rise not only in the run-up to Inauguration Day, but also throughout 2021.  

All thanks to the pent-up demand for strong biotech, pharmaceutical, and technology companies looking to reach the broader U.S. public market — the very companies we target here at IPO Edge.

Here’s a quick look at a few of the 8 pre-election trades we have targeted for money-doubling profits, which I’ll tell you about during my Pre-Election Stock Profit Summit.

They include… 

  1. The Amazon of tomorrow, whose fortunes have zoomed as a result of the shop-at-home trend that is cresting across the nation. As you’ll learn in your free 2021 Investing Almanac, not only has its revenue doubled year over year, but the company’s stock is up 119% over the past nine months — double Amazon’s performance. The reasons: The company’s online shopping platform lets anyone create their own online business — bypassing Amazon Web Services and keeping the money for themselves.
  2. The champion of the streaming channel wars. It’s another pandemic profit machine you would be wise to take a position in, especially with millions of Americans continuing to shelter in place. This is because the company’s software and hardware allow Americans to stream thousands of movies from the internet to their homes without having to buy a new smart TV — and for a whole lot less money.
  3. The little-known brain behind gigantic digital messaging networks whose technology powers instant messaging products from Facebook, Uber, and many, many others — all thanks to its AI-powered, personalized customer-experience journeys that streamline and improve customer communications. Three top analysts upped the company’s performance for 2021, and it’s no wonder. As you’ll see in my complete write-up in your FREE copy of my 2021 Investing Almanac, the stock is up 125% over the past nine months on 40% revenue growth and shows no signs of slowing down.
  4. The company that ties a fragmented social media universe together in one unified desktop publishing platform that delivers one consistent message across all social media outlets. With over 20,000 brand names using this company’s service, it’s no wonder that its stock is up 111% on 26% annual revenue growth.
  5. The company bringing cryptocurrency sizzle — and the computing power behind it, the blockchain — to the old-school banking industry. Here’s why you’ll want to take a position in this fast-moving company: The company serves over 400 of the world’s largest currency exchanges, including Coinbase, Circle, and Bitstamp. As a result, you’ll profit from virtually every digital currency transaction on the planet. The best comparison I can make here is with Charles Schwab, which handed early investors over 17,800% gains since it went public. Once you see my full write-up, you’ll understand what I mean.

During my Pre-Election Stock Profit Summit on Thursday, October 22nd, I will go into greater detail, including how each stock could make you 50% richer in the run-up to Inauguration Day and deliver $10-for-$1 profits when held long-term — no matter who wins the White House come November 3rd. 

All are early-stage, high-growth companies, with better ideas, advanced technologies and/or biotech breakthroughs, that have graduated from the garage, but are still a long way from inclusion in the big indexes. I will also explain how my IPO Edge system is able to spot these kinds of explosive opportunities years before they hand you Uber-type gains. 

Here’s What You’ll Like Most About IPO Edge

We get you in early, before these companies make front-page news.

I’ve made it so simple, anyone can profit from them. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never invested in a pre-IPO, a “stealth” IPO, or a stock fresh off its formal market debut before, or if you just have a few hundred dollars to invest.

If you’re willing to spend 10 minutes a week looking at my research and following my simple buy instructions… you, too, could see every $1,000 you invest mushroom into $10,000, $100,000, or more, just as Uber, Pinterest, and Beyond Meat have rewarded their investors with 10,488%, 5,053% and 14,593% profits. 

I’m so convinced these pre-election trades could make you 50% richer by Inauguration Day, I’m going to give every new member $1,500 toward their first IPO investment.

Again, all you have to do is tune in to this free event, and you’ll get all the details along with an inside look at our 8 pre-election trades. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions for me, please email ElectionProfitSummit@HilaryKramer.com.

I’ll be answering questions during our broadcast on Thursday, October 22nd, at 2PM Eastern, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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